Monitoring Website Traffic

Monitoring website traffic is just as significant as driving it.That statement could not be more accurate. Online traffic is the average potential customer as well as actual customers in the physical world.Understanding the type of people who want your products could be insightful and enormously helpful to the growth and development of your business.

Firstly as mentioned in the introduction monitoring gives you a greater insight into the habits and behaviors of your users. After studying online traffic, you can answer questions such as;

  • Who your clients are factoring on demographics like age gender, ethnicity, etc.
  • Where are they coming from this is regarding where geographically they are located or which sites are redirecting clients and potential clients to your business.
  • How far are they going to your site are they just glancing or are they interested in the contents your offering.
  • As you monitor traffic on your website, you have to take note of a few things. You as the one monitoring should ask yourself some fundamental questions like:
  • How many visitors do you get to your website daily, weekly, monthly, etc.? Tabulate the result compile the data and Make a report out of it. Use the summary to analyze the recurrent traffic trends. The review will help you maximize on viewership and the best time to promote products and services.
  • Find out the average number of pageviews per visitors. The number of viewers will help you understand what your clients want more information on your services. As the one providing the content, you may think all the information is relevant, but by finding out the viewership of each page against the total traffic, you may want to re-update the site with more content your users are looking for when searching on the site.
  • When your website is the busiest? Look at the times it’s building the most traffic morning, noon, or evening time, etc. ensure its specific, i.e., maybe between the hours of 8;00 am – 10;00 am traffic is at its highest peak time. This information will help you, whenever you post content to get maximum viewership and reach by optimizing on the time people are mostly visiting your site and page.

Learn which of your pages are the most significant landing pages. Which pages act as entry points into your site? Are they the about page, or services, etc.

  • Get to know what software systems your users are using analytical tools
  • Data is crucial for any business, especially online businesses. Keep track of all the information relayed to you by analytical tools such as how far do people scroll down your page, where are the most mouse clicks found on your page. By doing so, the information you get can help you better arrange information on your page and even edit or remove individual unessential contents on the platform. Also with this information, you can take advantage of visitor behavior and how they tend to interact with the content found online.
  • Find out what tends to get looked at and what is mostly ignored try and find out the reason for this. Once you have all the information analyze the data on your site; Did you place critical data in the relevant places, Is the story on your website flowing regarding readability? Is the information even pertinent and does it promote the objective of your site? Critically look at all the content on your site and make all the relevant and necessary changes to the site to ensure maximum outreach and ensure maximum traffic on your site.

Stat Analyze

is an analytics tool that will help you assess all the essential and necessary information found on your site. In summary, the Stat Analyze will help your business promote traffic conversion by ensuring the proper vital keywords; right content is on your site to increase the traffic your company is interested in attracting.  Maximize the efficiency of your social media performance by understanding the dynamics of sourcing traffic and directing your business to the right clients using social media. Help your business understand the user behavior and tailor make their products to meet their needs. Also, the Stat Analyze keeps track of progress made outlining the progress made in charts.


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